To Breakfast or Not to Breakfast, That Is The Question!

To Breakfast or Not to Breakfast, That Is The Question!

One of the first questions I ask my clients is, “Do you eat breakfast?”

I usually hear: “Nope,” followed by, “I’m not hungry in the morning” or “I’m typically running late” or “I just have coffee.”

Then there's, “I skip breakfast because I’m dieting.”

If these sound familiar, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. You're not alone, but you gotta' make a change! Thirty-one million Americans skip breakfast, according to a recent survey by the NPD Group. This blows my mind because breakfast is critical for brain and bodily functions. Think of it like this, when you start your car on “E”, you know that it's not going to be long before it will start to sputter and konks out. Don't travel 'til lunchtime on an empty tummy.

Why is breakfast important? Solid science proves that breakfast eaters are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Building your empire? Forbes Magazine reports that the most successful people start their day with breakfast (ahem, “power breakfast”). Breakfast helps you to put up a willpower force field. You're less likely to be hitting up the vending machine later in the day or overeating because your blood sugar bottomed out.

My first tip: accept that breakfast is a must. No matter what your excuse, busy, not hungry, or “dieting”, a few bites of food turbocharges your brain and body. You won't know how good you can feel until you do it. Embrace, decide and do.

My second tip: nosh on what makes you happy but make sure it includes a protein and a carbohydrate source. Bagel lovers wipe your tears: the bagel and cream cheese tastes good now but causes you to crash later. That cream-cheesy-bread-bomb breaks down into simple sugars and leaves you craving more food. Keep the bagel if it's true love and top with lox, egg whites, turkey sausage, thinly sliced roast beef, a bit of steak or ham.

Is every morning a fire drill? Take my Five Minute Breakfast challenge. Get yourself in gear and whip up one of these simple meals, either the night before or in the morning. Set the timer and make it a game of “How fast can I get this together?” I believe in you. Ready, set...

• Traditional: eggs any style, whole grain toast
• Creamy: chopped fruit with low-fat cottage cheese or non-fat Greek yogurt.
• Cereal: Fruit, oatmeal, cold low sugar cereal, scoop of whey protein powder
• Wrap: whole-wheat tortilla, peanut butter, banana slices, cocoa powder
• Savory: lox, low fat cottage cheese, red onion. Breath mint, please.
• Sweet: smoothie: berries, yogurt, almond or coconut milk, peanut butter, ice.
Your no breakfast eating excuses are busted! Set yourself up for success with breakfast, so you don’t crash and burn later in the day.

Kim Barnes Jefferson, Squadleader, Fabulous Fitsquad

Kim is a Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. Her mission is help women learn how to look great and feel fabulous. Kim believes there is a healthy person inside each of us. She works with clients to teach them how to give themselves permission to live a healthy lifestyle. Kim’s no nonsense own your “stuff” approach makes her a sought after coach. She is an ACSM certified personal trainer, AASDN certified nutrition specialist and ACSM certified wellness coach.

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