Health and Fitness Pertaining to the Recovering Addict

Health and Fitness Pertaining to the Recovering Addict

Health and Fitness Pertaining to the Recovering Addict

For the last seventeen years I have incorporated health and fitness into my daily routine. Some say I just traded addictions, but if they knew me then, they would suggest I should stick to this addiction.  Active addiction breaks your body down.  It was evident when I took my second B-12 shot.  The first time, was during my first time in rehab. 18 months later in the second stint the shot hurt like hell.

Most addicts need a structured environment and that is what I needed.  I was 315lbs at six feet with a family history of congestive heart failure, and also cancer. After getting out of rehab and getting a health assessment by a physician I was given the go ahead to start a health and fitness program.  I never really got a trainer; I just surrounded myself with people who were like minded about their health.  Diet was really first as I had to learn to eat right and I am still learning a lot.

We should all try to learn our bodies, and know what makes us tick to the best of our ability.  And I say that because, we could get someone who is one size fits all and that is not always the case.  Coming off alcohol and drugs also keeps us stopped up.  Monitor what's coming out of you and of course what's going in you.  Research your program and your diet.  Some say balance your diet, but if you are heavy like I was, my advice is look at an ectomorph chart, that will tell you plenty.

Now a lot for me was spiritual. Upon getting out of rehab, I started attending 12-step meetings daily.  I became a meeting rat and gym rat and work rat.  That was my structure, and I still follow it that way seventeen years later.  I have never relapsed, because I follow this program.  I don't go to meetings like I used to, but I do stay in touch with my sponsor.

Exercise and eating right is good for the soul.  When I started this, my goal was just to lose weight and to get in shape.  But it took a life of its own.  As I started to drop weight, I really started to feel better and have more confidence.  The compliments helped me, going to work was much better; I started being able to communicate with people, and also with family.  One year later, I was featured in the newspaper for losing weight.  People were actually asking for my help, so you can imagine the confidence boost within me.

Looking fit and being fit, does something for the soul.  It actually gave me a purpose in life, for once I actually started feeling that I was contributing to society.  Three years later, I did my first body building competition and won.  As time went on I won three more shows in the span of eight years.  2008, I won my pro-card from the SNBF.

Health and fitness has not only helped me stay fit, but has also kept me on track in staying clean.  It also has helped me in my everyday life with my family.  It has helped me be a better husband, father, grandfather and son.  I have become a better and productive member of society.  A lot of people and friends at work look to me to help them now with their health and fitness journey, and I am doing my best, by God’s grace to lead the way.

Carlton Shoemoe

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