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Sorrel (Hibiscus) Tea
Sorrel (Hibiscus) Tea
Sorrel (Hibiscus) Tea

Sorrel (Hibiscus) Tea

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Tea | Sorrel Hibiscus Tea | Clover

2 - 4 oz packages

This is a fascinating perennial herb that is used all around the world and is cultivated for a wide variety of uses. Although it is primarily grown for use in food, due to its sharp, tangy taste, it also has a vast array of health benefits associated with it.  There are a number of varieties of that grow in different regions of the world, and while many of them have slightly different characteristics and associated health benefits, they are generally the same.

Health Benefits

          • Aids in Digestion
          • Regulates Blood Pressure
          • Prevents Cancer
          • Improves Eyesight
          • Circulation and Energy
          • Boosts Immunity
          • Treats Skin Conditions
          • Heart Health and Diabetes
          • Improves Kidney Health
Word of Caution: Oxalic acid is a toxin, so eating  this herb  in a moderate amount is important.  Also, oxalic acid contributes to the growth of kidney stones, so if that is already a health concern, you should avoid eating oxalic acid-rich foods like sorrel. Also, when cooking it, do not use cast iron or aluminum cookware, as the metal will interact with oxalic acid and cause the herb to take on a very unpleasant metallic taste.