SIFH Transformation Program

This program is designed to get you to your health and fitness goals and will help build more self-esteem.

  1. We are encouraging clients to purchase our 16 week SIFH Online Training Program and have your progress highlighted with progress photos taken every 6 – 8 weeks.
  2. One of the places your photos will be highlighted is on WHUR 96.3, “Fitness Friday,” segment during the Steve Harvey morning show.
  3. You photos will also be highlighted in SIFH’s Digital magazine and/or our Quarterly newsletter.

Placing these photos for so many to see is an added encouragement to keep you on track and ensure you meet your goals.
Working with SIFH staff you will be accountable and learn what it takes to;

  • eat clean,
  • exercise
  • and finally reduce your weight and keep the weight off.

The online program gives you daily instruction and advice on workouts and meals and provides an environment of give and take.
We hope you will take advantage of this new and exciting program and let us help you bring to the forefront a new and better you.

Some Amazing Transformation Stories  

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  • Transformation – Kimberly Williams
    For me, weight gain has been an area of contention every since my late 20's. No one in my immediate circle has ever pointed out that my weight was an issue that needed to be addressed
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  • Transformation – Stephanie Reed
    You have one body. Love for it. You will love the feeling of empowerment, satisfaction and fulfillment you can achieve. When you make your health a priority everything else falls into place. You deserve to be the best YOU that you can be.
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