Healthy Eating

Healthier eating must become the norm for us on a daily basis. No longer can we afford to take chances with our health. With the rise in obesity rate over the years there has been a rise in health related issues. This is a result of diet and lack of exercise. Poor eating directly translates to poor health. Eat HEALTHY!

The SIFH Meal Plan

Along with your paid subscription you will receive the SIFH Fat burning meal plan. The plan works if you follow it.
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Weight Maintenance 

Here you will find great weight management recipes, and what that means is that these recipes will contain some indulgences. Food indulgences in most cases do not promote weight loss. Added to your diet in moderation these recipes will help you maintain your current weight. For the FOODIES!
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What Research Says

Here you will find the facts as we know it. We will report the facts about food, exercise and health as the research reports.
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Juice Recipes

Juicing can add some variety to your diet while helping you get the necessary nutrients from fruits and vegetables.
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