Competition Training

Kim’s Journey back to the Stage on May 16, 2015

Trainer/Coach:  Mike Kamdar


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Posing Training Week 4  

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Posing Training Week 2

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Posing Training Week 1



It began with 20 pounds. That was my goal - to shed the weight I’d gained after moving to Pittsburgh, PA in 2009. During this quest, I learned the power of social media. The amount of information being offered via “e-fitness” was remarkable. People were willing to share their triumphs, failures, and everything in between.

Utilizing the social networks available to me, I connected with a gentleman who ushered me into victory over that 20 pounds; and after that, I was motivated to go further, to go harder. If 20, why not 40 pounds? After all, I had a gym membership, which also afforded me a personal trainer, but it didn’t pan out to be quite the boon I had imagined. Too few trainers and a bevy of those needing to be trained, made consistent sessions almost impossible, based on the first come, first served method they employed. The few appointments I did schedule consisted mostly of core/floor work. It was something. All movement is something. But there had to be more, right? Right? RIGHT. And, the “more” was Sandi Jackson, founder of Sisters in Fitness and Health.

We connected through Facebook, a tool she’s used to encourage and educate women the world over as they seek to make physical wellness a way of life. The information shared within the SIFH Facebook group, along with weekly conference calls, afforded me the opportunity to learn and execute, continuously. Sandi also stressed the importance of being knowledgeable of the specific training and nutritional needs of women.

Following that counsel (and the Google search engine) led me to Mike Kamdar, a well-established NPC Bodybuilding Competitor, Judge and Promoter. Scheduling our sessions was a bit daunting at first, because of my responsibilities to my career, but we worked through it, resulting in 4:00 A.M. and 4:45 A.M. weightlifting sessions, three times per week. In addition to expanding my fitness journey to include proper nutrition and weight training, Mike also introduced me to the world of competitive bodybuilding. Under his tutelage, I went on to compete in the NPC Elite Physique Championship, September 2011; the Natural Eastern PA Championship, October 2011; The Pittsburgh Championship, May 2012, the Elite Physique Championship, September 2013; the Natural Eastern PA Championship, October 2013 and The Kentucky Muscle, November 2013.

But after 4 years of the same foods, day in and day out, I grew bored and wanted the freedom to eat when and what I pleased.  The Kentucky Muscle was my competition goal in November 2014, but I never made it.  My desire to eat was greater than my desire to compete. I reasoned to myself, what if I die today or tomorrow? My eulogy shouldn’t be filled with talk of the next competition, food preparation, and two-a-day workouts. Yep, so, I took a break; a break that came with an extra 40 pounds, and none of it was muscle. I couldn’t stop eating. I was nearly back at ground zero with my weight, but would tell myself, you’ll work it off. But I didn’t, and most who make that pledge to themselves, do not.
By the end of 2014, I was ready to get back on the horse, and alerted Mike of my restored resolve to compete in the next Kentucky Muscle, slated for November 2015. In addition to that competition, he suggested I prepare for the NPC MID-ATLANTIC CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS, as a primer for the Kentucky Muscle.

While I may not be at my best for the NPC in May, I am focused, and committed to doing what I know works: eating clean, training hard, staying hydrated, maintaining a food diary, and staying connected to my sisters in fitness and health.