Accountability Program


Sisters in Fitness and Health 2016 Accountability Program

Sisters in Fitness and Health is approaching its 7th year Anniversary and in that time I have learned a great deal about how to help clients lose weight. I also understand why so many are struggling to maintain consistency and motivation to workout and eat healthy. I have developed this program to help keep my clients on track and to help them over humps and how to break through plateaus. This program will be a place of accountability and a source of motivation while offering feedback and guidance about how to reach your attainable goals. Accountability means the client reports his/her activities for the week and in return receives feedback and guidance on how to proceed in the upcoming week. Journal entry and record keeping is critical to the process.

The 2016 Accountability Program begins 1/4/2016

Begin dates may vary.

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      • Journal; Paper or Electronic (FatSecret, MyFitnessPal, Notepad)
      • Weekly Accountability Check Ins (Client reports on prior week’s activities)
      • 5th Week Check In /Journal Summary/Weight & Measurement Evaluation; Photographs
      • Getting Started (Initial Payment)
      • Biography
      • Questionnaire & Goal Setting
      • Goal Evaluation
      • Meal Planning
      • Option 1: SIFH Meal Plan provided in the SIFH Handbook (recommended)
      • Option 2: Use your own Meal Plan I will review and offer suggestions.
      • Measurements & Weights
      • Height:
      • Weight:
      • Measurements:
      • Photos:
      • Exercise & Training
      • Online Training available via the website, this is a weight training program utilizing a full gym environment.
      • Option1:  16 week Online Training Program $1600.00
      • Option 2:  Training of your choice and I will offer suggestions as needed.
      • Payment Schedule
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