Depression & Pain

SIFH Fights the Stigma Associated with Depression

Depression is an illness that affects nearly 15 million Americans.

It can be classified in several ways and can include conditions such as bipolar disorder, dysthymia, and seasonal affective disorder.  While everyone experiences different symptoms, some common symptoms of these disorders include an overall feeling of sadness, worthlessness, being frequently tearful, a lack of interest in activities you previously enjoyed, appetite changes, sleep changes, insomnia and irritability.

Depression related suicide; more than 90 percent of people who take their own lives have a diagnosable mental disorder, commonly a depressive disorder or a substance abuse disorder.
Treatments for depression include therapy, medication, exercise and proper rest.

SIFH is committed to aiding in raising awareness about Depression and Pain.  We are committed to rendering aid to the women and men across the country suffering from depression.

We are seeking certified therapists to assist with Depression Conference calls.  Please contact us at if interested. 

These calls are for those suffering from depression and for those that need to know more about depression and its symptoms and treatment.  Someone you know is suffering in silence  you need to know how you can help.