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Featuring Sandi Jackson: is proud to have as our very special guest, "Sisters in Fitness and Health."  We will be discussing, "The Guiding Principles of SIFH-Getting Fit: Mind, Body and Spirit." Sisters in Fitness and Health got its start on Facebook as a result of my daily posts of my physical fitness workouts and my style of eating, nothing else. It was not a vision I had or a dream or any type of life-long calling. It just happened; I tried many times to walk away because it took so much of my time. But each time I stepped away I looked around and said to myself, “oh my goodness, something has to be done.” Women that I spoke to said that my posting on Facebook was helping them to stay motivated and encouraged. Well I wanted desperately to help so I just kept posting. As I came in contact with so many women I then realized why women could not manage their weight. As a result of not managing their weight I saw so many suffering with obesity related diseases and at very young age.

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