Is there no place like home?

Is there no place like home?

Is there no place like home?                                

Dec. 30, 2013

Dorothy had to venture far away from her center only to discover that we can’t really out run ourselves. Are you at home in your own skin? Wouldn’t you like to be? Find out how to better love the skin you’re in, be more at peace, and celebrate being uniquely you.

External factors constantly affect our opinions. Modern advertisements have done a convincing job at altering our general views of how we value ourselves. We are consistently taught that our bodies should be smaller, taller, our hair thicker, or shinier, teeth straighter, or whiter. Admittedly, there are seemingly superficial standards of beauty that share international agreement. What is commonly shared as the universally accepted standard often depicts the portrait of a healthy person. Health is reflected in clear smooth skin, good strong teeth, and great over-all bone structure. Structural beauty/integrity is often a combination of nurture and nature. Our genetics and diet combine to influence our looks.

Nurture affords us an opportunity to affect personal appearance. What we put to our lips can either make or break our hips. Natural raw foods are essential to building and maintaining a glowing physical appearance. Vital hydration, vitamins, and minerals are abundantly present in fresh vegetation. The aforementioned elements are the building blocks of our cells. They support and improve what your Momma gave ya. Green, red, and yellow storehouses deliver fiber to absorb and sweep away debilitating toxins while phytochemicals replenish and restore cellular health. Good health is the basis of real beauty, but total beauty isn’t solely dependent on external appearances.

Internal influences (such as attitude) are also deep effectors of overall attractiveness. Certain emotional characteristics radiate from within to accentuate our outer shells. A genuine smile, confident carriage, sparkling eyes, and radiant energy are subconscious broadcasters that yell “attractive.” Here again, what we decide to eat can make the difference in what we broadcast. It’s no secret that when we feel physically good, our frame of mind usually follows. An engaged, energetic, positive person is always pleasing company.

So remember there’s no need to venture from your center to celebrate unique beauty. It’s all already there waiting for your tender nurture, acceptance, and respect. Artificial fixes can enhance the birthright, yet a firm foundation built on healthy concepts is enduring. Here’s to Living the Green Life.


Deborah Joyner - Guided Purposes Inc. Holistic Health Coach

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