Polish Your Look

Why Women Should take the time to Polish their Look

It’s funny how when we were younger we played dress up, with pretty clothes, jewelry, high heels, lipstick, nail polish and makeup.. We adored all the things associated with being a woman and looking extra beautiful. Then LIFE HAPPENS, and many of us one by one set these things aside. Well this is where we make our first mistake. These are the little extras that help a woman feel beautiful. They are the things that make others look at us and say, “wow she always looks so polished, wow, her makeup is flawless, wow, I don’t know what it is but she is always put together.” These are all positives that help in making us feel empowered and feel more beautiful. Looking polished not only opens doors but also guarantees a long, healthy life - from the age of 30, the more attractive you are, the better your health, psychologists have found.

Now every day we may not feel inside as good as we look outside, but on those days that we don’t, 9 times out of 10, if we have polished our look, that’s the day someone walks up to us and pays us a compliment. Polishing your look with a little makeup and a smile will boost your self-esteem and help you get through a tough day. So ladies make it a routine! Moisturize your face, add a little make-up and watch the day improve.

Stop by your local makeup counter and get color matched for foundation. Below is a YouTube video on applying foundation. Follow the tips you are given, have fun and then build on this skill.

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