Fashion radiates from the inside out.

The fashionistas and stylists work their gift of creative thinking by styling celebrities, each one hoping to start a trend for the season or for the year.

Personally, my wardrobe consists of mostly classic pieces to which I add some of the season’s trends as accents. My fall wardrobe carries me right through winter by adding a layer such as a turtleneck or a shawl.

This fall/winter my staple pieces are oversized sweaters, button down blouse n shirts under a suit jacket , straight legged jeans , cropped and slouchy pants. Head gear includes, hats, caps, and head wraps, depending on the occasion or mood of the day. Riding boots, Uggs, high top kicks thick heeled 4-5 inch heels are my choices of footwear for the fall / winter season.

Blue jeans and a simple white shirt can be kept as a relaxed look worn with a pair of high top converses and a messenger bag or made to pop by adding a  blazer, heels and a clutch.

I never go out shopping with a look in mind and I never buy matching pieces. I purchase good quality pieces off the clearance rack year round and eventually they get used . I love color and prints. I collect vintage silver and costume jewelry. True style surfaces in some form between years. My art to wearing jewelry is to pick one loud piece and pair it with smaller pieces. I like bold necklaces and bracelets with stud earrings. Small earrings allow the structure of the face to be pronounced.

All that being said, getting dolled up in fine jewels, fashionable clothes and shoes did not feel right in an unhealthy, unfit, obese body. Feeling my muffin top over my pants, and trying to keep what use to be my 34 DD breasts in place was not at all comfortable.

My outfits feel better and look better on since having transformed my body by healthy eating and exercise including weight training.

I believe that fashion and beauty go hand in hand. My motto is a LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD feeling that's achieved through a combination of what we eat, what we do and how we live.

As a personal trainer and House manager/ life care facilitator for the elderly I strongly advocate a life of health and wellness. This includes an attempt to live a stress free life, eating a balanced meal of complex carbs, lots of water,  lean protein and an array of fruits and veggies of rich vibrant colors to provide our vitamins thus creating a natural glow in our skin. It's also necessary to eat foods rich in healthy fats like nuts, salmon and avocado which helps to add moisture to our hair and nails. Last but definitely not least exercise, exercise, exercise. A regimen consisting of weight training and cardiovascular exercises help in maintaining a healthy weight and tones and shapes the physique.

Overall I believe fashion radiates from the inside out.
Denise Mckenzie
Fit and Fly

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