Sandi Jackson 2014 SIFH Message

A Message from Sandi Jackson, Founder and CEO, Sisters in Fitness and Health

SandyFinalThank you for purchasing the second edition of the Sisters in Fitness and Health (SIFH) annual calendar.  Our calendar theme for 2014 is,

"Let’s go Back to the Beginning.”

Our inaugural edition of the SIFH Calendar was at home in the US as well as in Afghanistan, London and beautiful South Africa and Ghana. Throughout the year I was told by those that saw the calendar that they found it to be so inspiring.  I told these people, “that was its exact purpose, to INSPIRE!”

My personal year in review has been a journey lined with many peaks and valleys.  The year’s journey has helped to further define the path of SIFH.  It has helped me understand that wellness of the whole person is essential.  “The Guiding Principles of SIFH-Getting Fit: Mind, Body and Spirit is what SIFH will encompass fully as we move forward and we are committed.

Let’s Go Back to the Beginning means we should look to how it all got started; food and mankind in its most natural form.  Let’s run away from processed, chemical ridden foods and return to foods grown fresh and picked from our own gardens when possible.  Let’s spend more time in nature, appreciating the outdoors and allowing the spirit to feel free.  The foundation set by God was a pretty good one; we need to bask in it a little more. Let’s Go Back to the Beginning.

SIFH would like to help you set goals and reach them.  We want to be a resource you can come to for help and understanding.  We want to hold you accountable. It is that accountability that will get you to that finish line and please know that the finish line is forever moving.  We want to help you get started.  As the women in this calendar have stated the key to this is to get started, and if you fall down, just GET BACK UP!

I did a radio show interview and the lovely host asked me to share some words I wanted to leave with the world. I would like to leave those same words with you.
“Do something to help someone and watch your life increase!” Also remember to take care of yourself; mind, body, spirit.  It’s like the airplane rule states, “put your mask on first, and then help the person next to you.”

As we continue to build the SIFH community, please visit our website,, to learn more about our offerings, including:

  • Membership
  • Accountability Program
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Strength Training and Aerobic Instruction
  • Resource Guide
  •  Fitness and Health Seminars and Workshops
  • Depression & Pain Conference Call and Therapy Sessions
  • Nationwide Model Search for the 2015 SIFH Calendar

Again, thank you for supporting our efforts and we look forward to a wonderfully fit and healthy relationship in the future.

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