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90 Vegetarian Capsules

Genesis Today’s Digestion is a blend of plant-based digestive enzymes and herbs, including papain from papaya, bromelain from pineapple, ginger, fennel and dandelion leaf, to support healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. This vegetarian and lactose-free formulation contains no preservatives or added refined sugars.*

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Genesis Today’s Digestion is also packaged in a delayed release, vegetarian capsule protecting the ingredients from stomach acids and allowing them to be released in the intestines where they are needed and most beneficial.*

Digestion is formulated to offer enzymatic support for complete digestion of foods as well as nutrient absorption and assimilation.*

  • Supports digestion and nutrient absorption*
  • 12 plant-based digestive enzymes
  • 90 delayed release vegetarian capsules


Genesis Today’s Digestion is a distinctive blend of herbs and enzymes designed to work synergistically to help support your health and well-being, including papaya, dandelion root, protease and lactase.*

Papaya is a tropical fruit native to the Americas with a sweet, musky flavor and a soft, buttery texture. Christopher Columbus even called it the “fruit of the angels” when he discovered it on his voyage to the New World. In addition to its luscious taste, papaya also contains papain, an enzyme that helps digest complex proteins such as those found in meat.

While many people think of the dandelion as a pesky weed, this hardy little yellow bloom is actually chock full of vitamins and minerals. Traditionally, Native Americans used dandelion to support digestion by boiling the roots and leaves into a daily tea.*

Aspergillus oryzae is a fungus widely used in fermenting traditional Asian foods, including soy sauce, sake, bean curd and rice vinegars. This useful organism contains a number of enzymes that help support digestion, including lactase, an enzyme essential to the digestion of whole milk, and protease, a group of enzymes that help break long proteins down into essential amino acids.*


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