Recipes – Sweet Potato Pudding

Recipes – Sweet Potato Pudding

5 Large sweet potatoes or red yams
½ Stick of butter (reduce to taste)
1/3 Cup Sweet Leaf Sugar Leaf or 1 cup brown sugar
1.       Wash the sweet potatoes.  With a paring knife, score the skin of each potato lengthwise from end to end, and then a few times across the width.  This will make the potato easier to peel after it’s cooked.

2.       Bake the sweet potatoes at 350 degrees until soft, about 1 .5 to two hours.

3.       Let the potatoes cool until they are easy to handle but still warm.

4.       Pull the skin back at the edges that were scored exposing the flesh. Scoop the potato flesh into a large bowl.

5.       With a handheld cake mixer, beat the potato flesh for about one minute.  Remove the mixer and rinse off any strands that are clinging. Repeat one or two times until many strands have been removed and the flesh is smooth.

6.       Add but butter and Sugar Leaf and stir until mixed.

7.       Serve warm as a side dish or dessert.

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