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The 2018 Calendar & Digital Magazine Process has begun:

If you are interested in becoming a model for one of our publications we are interested in hearing from you. Please note that at this time SIFH is unable to pay for your travel to New Jersey.  All professional photos includes photography, make-up and attire. Photo-shoot cost is approximately $750.00 all inclusive (exclusive of travel costs).  Payment arrangements are available.  Fill out the form below and we will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

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The reason why I produce this calendar is because for so many years I looked in magazines and on the internet and admired beautiful women being showcased and their stories being told and I thought to myself, who is she and how is it the world gets to see her and hear her story.  What makes her different from me or the woman next door to me? I realized she was not different from me and if I wanted to see myself or the woman next door in print and tell our stories then I had the power to do exactly that!  So that’s what I did!

It’s that simple...

I reached out to my cohorts on fb and asked was there interest in being in a calendar representing SIFH and telling their stories of their ups and downs in their daily quest to living a healthier lifestyle.  Was there interest?? Yes there was, and plenty of it!!  So the first calendar was created, it was titled, “The Many Faces of Fitness and Health.”  The calendar was a success and well received.  Our second calendar was a reminder of the need to get back to nature and food in it's original state,"Let's Go Back to the Beginning." Due to an opportunity to spend 8 weeks in South Africa during the later part of 2015 we were prohibited from printing a 2015 calendar.  There was an incredible void but it was that void that shined a light on the true value of this publication.

So the 2016 calendar photoshoot season is complete. It was a phenomenal experience for all those involved.  "FAR BEYOND DRIVEN: SIFH," the 2016 Health & Wellness Calendar is a must have for every person. Peek into the lives of 12 beautiful models and see what their JOURNEY has been and how they continue to strive for SIFH's Guiding Principles: Health of Mind, Body & Spirit.

The 2017 Calendar season will begin January 4, 2016.  We are seeking MEN and of course women to model for the SIFH Calendar and SIFH Digital Magazine.  See the forms above. And if you are not interested in modeling that is okay too, just continue with SIFH.  It's a wonderful JOURNEY!

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