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Look, say what you want but something in the milk ain’t clean!
— Queen

Chronicles of Queen – Episode 10

Look if I tell you something you better write it down!
— Queen

Chronicles of Queen – Episode 9

Look come in here with your foolishness if you want to but I am telling you today ain’t the day!
— Queen

Chronicles of Queen – Episode 8

Chronicles of Queen – Episode 7

At the church fundraiser in the auditorium where we serve the dinners
Queen: Damn!!!!
Me: Queen ain’t this the church, so now yall cuss in the church????
Queen: Child please... nowadays they cuss in the pulpit, where you been???
Me: NOT A PEEP! Cooking!
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Chronicles of Queen – Episode 5

Queen getting in my car with a container with a turkey wing and a piece of cake.
Me: Queen why are you eating meat and cake!
Queen: you better get outta here, in the country that’s exactly what we ate! Meat and cake! And thanked God for it
Me: about to say something
of course
Queen: Look you take care...
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Chronicles of Queen – Episode 4

At the SIFH Fundraising Dinner
Queen: Look I need a knife to cut this turkey
(Mind you she made the turkey and brought it to the church)
Me: Here is a knife right here on this table Queen
(She walks over and spies the knife)
Queen: What kind of knife is this? Me: It’s the kind you are going to use...
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Chronicles of Queen – Episode 3

Queen is talking to me and I am not in one of my better moods. I say something she isn’t too pleased with, she then looks at me and says:
Queen: You know what, if I didn’t already know you I would not talk to you!
(Reminder, Queen is my momma)...
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Chronicles of Queen – Episode 2

Queen sitting in Le’ Diva on her stool crocheting
Me: Walking into hurriedly softly screaming Queen Person A has this problem and I think it’s a big one, I go on and on for a little while.
Queen looks up but never stops crocheting
Queen: What do you want from me, I CAN’T SAVE THE WORLD.
(Head back down...
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Chronicles of Queen – Episode 1

Me: Queen I get up every morning at 5:00 AM and I exercise
(She cocks her head to the side and looks at my belly)
Queen: Girl you may as well stay in your bed and rest yourself
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