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2016  Message from Sandi Jackson
Founder and CEO, SIFH


Thank you for purchasing the third edition of the Sisters in Fitness and Health (SIFH) annual calendar.  Our calendar theme for 2016 is, "Far Beyond Driven: SIFH.”

A Message from Sandi Jackson, Founder and CEO, Sisters in Fitness and Health

Thank you for purchasing the third edition of the Sisters in Fitness and Health (SIFH) annual calendar. Our calendar theme for 2016 is, "Far Beyond Driven: SIFH.” For me that just means I am like a runaway train! Don’t waste time trying to stop me!

Many of you who have followed the SIFH JOURNEY from the beginning know that in 2015 we did not produce a SIFH Calendar. I had the opportunity to travel internationally to Europe and Africa and it was during the critical time when our calendar should have been in production. I regret we did not produce a SIFH Calendar but I do not regret my travel. International travel is the most rewarding experience you can ever have and I am committed to using SIFH as a vehicle to ensure our members have the experience I so deeply cherish.

So instead of sharing my one-year in review I will share my two years in review. In 2014 as I mentioned I travelled internationally and saw life outside my box. I made a commitment to shed dead weight from my life and my endeavors. That my friend is the accomplishment I am most proud of. Also in 2014 I began my Life Coach Certification process. This took some soul searching. I think it is important to grow and further educate oneself. My next phase of life is approaching and I am excited. I will continue to live my passion and that is to be in service to others. In 2015 with the help of an outstanding team we established SIFH Global, a non-profit organization with a mission similar to Sisters In Fitness and Health and that is SERVICE. Also in 2015 I spent several months accepting some hard facts about life. I came away with this: some relationships are for a season and everyone you meet on your JOURNEY will not necessarily continue with you the entire way so love and enjoy your lessons, it’s all for a reason.

I want to take the time out to mention my mother. Many of you have heard me speak about her, Queen. Many do not have a mother with them on earth and many do, but here is what is important, we all need someone that will give us wise counsel; I want to say it again, we need someone that will give us wise counsel. In your heart of hearts you know if you have that person. Make it your business in the years to come to find yourself that someone that will give you wise counsel, and that means they only want the best for you. I take this time to say thank you to my mother for she has given me wise counsel my entire life and without her I simply cannot say if I would be where I am. “Hey Ma! I LOVE YOU!

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Again, thank you for supporting our efforts and we look forward to a wonderfully fit and healthy relationship in the future. Remember life is All About the JOURNEY!

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