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Sisters In Fitness and Health

Sisters In Fitness & Health [SIFH] is a national sisterhood built upon a shared pursuit of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. We are represented by women from all fitness levels, unified across race and socio-economics in our common goals.

We are soccer moms, professionals, public servants, and retirees; our membership spans from fitness novices to IFBB competitors to celebrities. The SIFH sisterhood stands strong in conviction and purpose: that fitness and health are integral to a vital and abundant life’s journey and a basic human right.

As such, Sisters in Fitness and Health advocates for access to fitness and wellness knowledge and services for ALL women (and men) regardless of age, racial or cultural affiliation, economic challenges or geographic barriers.

Sisters in Fitness and Health supports its growing member community with a comprehensive range of services that include fitness coaching, nutritional guidance, strategies for comprehensive wellness, mental health support networks and accountability structures.

We demonstrate our commitment to our purpose through a wide range of charitable projects and giving programs. Please consider supporting our efforts with a donation.


A Short History


I started SIFH to help the women I knew around me with the challenges they were facing in their lives and how it was affecting their lives and health.


  • First SIFH How to Lose Weight Conference Call,  9/2011


  • First SIFH Walking Group, 3/2012


  • Launch SIFH Online Training Program 3/2012


  • First SIFH Trip, 3 Day Cruise to Bahamas, 10/2012
  • First SIFH Church Fundraiser, 1/2013
  • First SIFH Newsletter, 8/2013
  • First SIFH Publication, SIFH 2013 Calendar 1/2013
  • First SIFH Depression & Pain Conference Call 9/2013



Since our inception, we have addressed obesity and its related diseases.  However, we are broadening our view to address WELLNESS in the total woman.  While health and physical fitness is important, we have found that these goals are difficult to reach if one's life is lacking in emotional and spiritual WELLNESS.

We as women have it ingrained in us that we are to show fortitude and never falter, well this constant uphill path is leaving us spiritually destitute and bereft of passion for caring for ourselves.  We MUST stop putting the cart before the horse.  First comes spiritual and emotions wellness, this will translate into better decision making towards better health and fitness.  Hence SIFH’S Guiding Principle - Getting Fit: Mind, Body and Spirit, this is how we come full circle to a more abundant life.

Here is What's Ahead

  • Production of the next Calendar - 2015; email Sandi for Modeling Criteria details
  • Launch of the new and improved SIFH Website; new health and fitness programs; conference call and workshop series;
  • Join our Walking Groups!
  • Signup for personal training!
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We will accomplish our goals by increasing our membership and presence in our communities. We will be identifying the talent we have presently and formalize a plan to recruit additional talent to meet the needs of all those we encounter., (i.e., Certified Nutritionists, Holistic Practitioners, Physicians, Social Workers and Fitness Trainers) just to name a few.


As a member of SIFH you will have a vast knowledge base from which you can get your questions answered relative to your personal needs. We will help you identify a realistic path to help you meet your goals and redirect you to a healthier lifestyle.


We have grown into a sisterhood of women bonding together to promote health, fitness and overall wellness. The mission of SIFH is to raise awareness about obesity in our communities and to be the helping hand to help women, men and children get their start onto a path of healthier living.

Motivational Tips and Tricks

Our programs are designed to get you to your health and fitness goals and will help build more self-esteem.